Welcome to the homepage of JackAss Working Terriers.

We are are small kennel that is situated in the south east corner of the Netherlands.

As the name says we are a working kennel, that means that all of our terriers either work,
or have worked and are now retiered. By work, we mean work in the traditional terrier manner,
that is to all underground prey that is found in Central Europe. Our working terrein covers
countries like The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, in fact almost
anywhere we are invited to come and hunt. Our terriers are based on the Jack Russell
although we do have the Lakeland influance in at least 3 of them.

We do not have any preferance to breed, any terrier that works is in our eyes worth letting work.
Our terriers do generally come out of well tried English lines, such as Foxwarren, East Essex, Bicester, although we do have dogs bred in Germany and the Netherlands, but these also have well proven English Blood Lines.

We are not a Breeding Kennel, but we do have Stud Dogs that can be used on selected bitches.

Now meet our Terriers:


Foxwarren Batman

height 28.5 cm
born 28-03-2005
working dog

It's Me Xia Xenia

born 25-09-2003
retired working bitch

East Essex Louie

height 34 cm
born 14-03-2004
working dog

Bicester Terror

height 32 cm
born 10-11-2005
working dog

Little Rowdies D-Ice

height 32.5 cm
born 23-06-2010
working dog

Digger of Parsonspride

height 33 cm
born 28-06-1999
retired working dog